About Us

About jMHZ

founded in 2004

Jason Malcolm Herzmark created JMHZ, a Web Design Agency tailored to working with creatives and Scottish Scottish Small & Medium sized Businesses to bring them both a national and international audience and sales.

Websites must engage with the right audience. Finding how customers arrive and which keywords they searched for is imperative for keyword focused content that allows the Search Engines to understand the site and bring the right people, organically. We provide a comprehensive set of analysis tools to drill down in the site visitor data and find why people arrive, what they do on your site and if they get stuck we can identify and remedy that – and provide ways to reach out to your visitors.

Empowering you to manage your content is what we want. WordPress allows you and your staff to work from any web browser to add new pages, write blog posts and synchronise your social media campaigns.

Build a powerful mailing list to stay in touch with your customers and ensure they become satisfied returning customers for life.

Social Media builds strong engagement and new audiences arrive serendipitously. Good content is shared and this creates the all important growth factor and inbound links that can really spread the websites message far and wide.

Open Source is a vital public good. All our software is open source and we contribute back to the community.

This means there are no walled gardens here. Your data can be moved elsewhere effortlessly.

WordPress powers 80% of websites, fully open source. It is easy to find experienced WordPress content managers and we encourage you to manage your content in-house and will provide training for you and your staff.

WordPress is the engine that powers your website pages, blog posts and online store. WordPress is fully vetted, secure & GDPR compliant. Your data and your customer’s details are safe behind our firewalls and fully encrypted on the servers and in transit.

Based in the Scottish Borders and Edinburgh allows us to understand the needs of Scottish Creative, Craft & Tourism Small & Medium sized Businesses and our experience can help secure both local engagement & a global reach.

Edinburgh Castle at Dusk

Our Vision

The web is a great connector, facilitating local meetups and international collaboration.

We founded this agency to bring people together, everything else follows from honest and warm communication.

Scotland has so much to share and we want to help Scots show off a bit, building good lasting relationships, making friends and spreading the joy of Scottish culture.

Our Mission

To empower you to get the recognition you deserve. A partnership, finding how best to communicate your unique vision to the world via search and social.

Increasing your sales and signups by providing the metrics to ensure you are on the right track to succeed.

Our mission is to share our delight in Scotland and Scottish Culture, near, far and wide.