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Alan Jackson Edinburgh Poet

Homepage of Edinburgh Poet Alan Jackson

Gigha Gallery , Isle of Gigha

Bookings for Workshops, Local Events & Online Art Exhibitions

Indeed Productions LTD

Film production for extreme sports, viral shorts and specialist camera work.

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Our Team of Designers, Influencers & Technicians

We have been designing, hosting and promoting websites for businesses, artists, crafters, makers and organisers since 2004. Based in the Scottish Borders and Edinburgh, we can understand what Scots need to go global.

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Social Media is vital.
Regular updates and Inbound links keep customers returning.

Keep keyword focussed so the Search Engines send your customers to you organically.

Engage with your customers with articles, photographs, Tweets, Instagram, Facebook blog posts.

Identify your customers and engage their passion.

Develop a mailing list to regularly engage your customers with promotions & your news.

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Discover Analytics

Find out how visitors engage with your site, what turns them on and what puts them off.

Convert more visits to sales.

Your dashboard will make sure your advertising and social media budget is laser focussed on sales.

You’ll understand what works for your customers & what they search for.

Know what brings you clients and keeps them coming back.

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Selling is the art off fulfilling your customers needs.

When your content is on-point and speaks to your customers, they will feel comfortable working with you.

Keyword Analysis using google webmaster & keyword search tools identifies what your potential customers are searching for.

Our SEO tools ensure your posts and products contain the keywords and hashtags the search engines want to drive you engaged traffic.