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Python Simple HTTP Server – Web Serve Files over HTTP to properly simulate file permissions

Problem : Everything worked till I put it online ; site stopped working when uploaded to the server ?

When working with Javascript Files, Libraries, Includes, jQuery, WebGL textures and the like of HTTP included files from a web page I find it best to open files over HTTP from a web server as there can be cross site permission restrictions on file types and such like – I have run into this problem when including images as WebGL textures using three.js.

Python Simple HTTP Server – runs in a directory and serves those files and folders over HTTP on localhost port 8000

navigate to the file directory in a BASH prompt ( or shell or terminal ) and run :

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

and open http://localhost:8000 in a web-browser

which will load an index page with the files as links or index.html if that is present

And the HTTP transactions are logged to the console :D

Vary the PORT by adding a port number 8020 to the command thus :

python -m SImpleHTTPServer 8030

and you can serve multiple directories

As a bonus you can connect over your local network at the IP ( is localhost ) address of the Server thus

or use a dynamic dns service or DMZ or port forwards on your router to serve the site globally ( prolly super insecure so do not ever do this ever :( )