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The Sacred Geometry of the Middle Pillar of Rosslyn Chapel to be Quaich and Ring

So my 3d print arrived from Shapeways

Rosslyn Chapel Middle Pillar Model for Silver Quaich by Jason Malcolm Herzmark Rosslyn Chapel Pillar model for Silver Ring by Jason Malcolm HerzmarkIt is a model of the trefoil foiliage
atop the Middle  Pillar of Rosslyn
To be cast in Silver as a quaich cup
and printed smaller as a ring
commissioned by a son of Roslin,
father of Knights, guide,
and Keeper of Bees.

For all my life I have come to Rosslyn,
hearing the tale of the apprentice
who carved the pillar
while the master was away studying abroad
and returned to find the pillar carved in error
struck the apprentice a blow to the heid
stone deid.

Rosslyn Chapel Middle Pillar 3d PrintThe idea is that the apprentice had made a mistake.
A notion occured that this tale was a key
in thought to Rosslyn Chapel.
Examine the Apprentice Pillar for a mistake.

As I sat contemplating the pillar I saw
The pillar  has four dragons at it’s base
curling up around its fluted length.

Between the Master Pillar and the Apprentice Pillar is
The Middle pillar sprouting fantastic foliage at it’s top.
The sacred geometry is five pointed encompassing an implied sphere

The Apprentice Pillar is a tree,
the world supporting Yggdrasil,
axis-mundi, apon which the world spins,
and the dragons spin the world,Rosslyn Chapel Apprentice Pillar
the four cardinal points of heaven.

Dragons as rope pulling the sky is an oft used device
to illustrate the precession of the Equinoxes
that ancient knowledge by which one age becomes another
so the bull gave way to the ram and then the fish and now the water carrier
so Minos, then judea, then Christ and now Aquarius
The skies turn and the world is changed.

Yet before Apprentice Pillar it had an older name The Prince’s Pillar

The ‘error’ for which the apprentice was struck
enlightenment’s blow
and became the Prince
So I saw this :
The flutes of the column do not line up
as they pass beneath the dragon’s helical coils.

Hidden by the eye’s assumption that things are solid and continuous,Middle Pillar of Rosslyn CHapel Testrahedron of the Middle Pillar of Rosslyn Chapel
Once seen it is obvious and glaring
Yet when considered not as mistake but as wisdom it implies
The pillar rotates as it passes beneath the Dragon’s coils

Atop the Middle Pillar trefoil branches at the top entwine
as the fish symbolises the early Church
so the 5-pointed star is a sign of the Christ
codified in Leonardo Da Vinci’s Ecce Homo

Across the globe they travelled, Knights Templar sailed the world
as the suffering of the pious travels in the upper reaches of the air
round the world, so the name of true cross is holy rood

Yet also they are arrows, journeys, sea currents and trade winds
a map by which one might sail and bring light to the four corners
of the earthly sphere.

What of the nexuses of the lines, are they islands, sacred places ?
Do Knights live there yet ?
And as geometers what is the measure of the shift of the column ?
Measured by the eye it is half a flute, is it a fraction of the shift of the vernal equinox in a great year?
Was it precessional precision the Mason’s carved precious in the Prince’s Pillar ?

And so my foot was again set on the path to knowledge
the path of asking and knowing truth in opposites all at once.

The green man as cherub sprouts living vines from mouth, Rosslyn Chapel Green Man
grows beard then ages and withers
and is a skull still entwined with nature

The Angel who’s hair is raised in the manner of horns like the ancient priests of Venus
she is the Shekinah,, conjuction of Mars and Venus –
who binds the solar and lunar calenders
the female metatron and the voice of the Lord
and she (quite definitely she ) holds open the book.

So this book in stone unfolds it’s cycles of History
The Journey of young Malcolm yet to be King
bringing Edgar Aethling the uncrowned of England
and sister St. Margret and with Holy Rood
the wood of the true cross.

And Máel Coluim are the names of  the sons of the dove, Columba,
who came in his boat to bring the word of the Celtic Christ to Iona.
All these things can be seen in the stone arch lintels
between the columns in the aisles of Rosslyn Chapel
supporting the starry cloth above.

There are those born in Roslin, descended from Knights,
who know all this and will guide the pilgrim
and know of the hive on the roof dripping honey on the bowed heads of the pious
and into the eyes of the seeker who looks aloft.

Show the skybox of the first window
which aligned with equinotal dawn
fills the whole church with red light
as the sun rises in the sign of each age.

The seats of the observatory,
from where the hills mark the sky

And more yet, which cannot be spoke,
only felt, apon the stone,
the dragons rising
awakes the soul,
celtic knights,
guard all the roads.

And also carved is this

Wine is strong, the true king stronger, true-hearted women, strongest of all are creation’s fount .
Yet above all these is Truth.

True Love is the highest power.

Interdependence is what make us a’ men.






Many Thanks to John Ritchie and WIkimedia for the Images