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Edinburgh Scene, 1967 by Alan Jackson ( beat poet )

Edinburgh Scene

we used to be typists
but the hell wi that
now we live with these boys
in a two room flat
we’ve never washed for ages
we sleep on bits of sack
we’ve baith lost wir panties
and we dinnae want them back

the boys are a’ big beardies
they think we’re awfy sweet
we never know which one we’re with
that’s what it means to be beat
by Alan Jackson, Edinburgh Beat Poet 1967


A brilliant piece of plain speaking about the real culture of 1960’s Edinburgh,
humorous and erotic, bound to freak the squares.
Edinburgh Scene functions as apparent documentary and
of course as with all things beat also on a mystical level.
The narrator is the poet inner voices  – the lassies are his soulful twins,
anima and muse in playful harmony.
The fount of creativity and the living beat pulsing rhythm

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