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Google Sketchup running on Ubuntu 12.04 [Solved]

It turns out to be easy to get Google SketchUp the awesomely easy and intuitive 3d Modeller to work well and run under WINE in Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin – just use PlayOnLinux

Run Ubuntu Software Centre and search for playonlinux

Then Install It and then run it.

The Click Install in PlayOnLinux and search For SketchUp – install it and run it.

Open 3D files and Sketch On Up.

SketchUp 3D Ubuntu 12.04 PlayOnLinux WINE jmhz Keith and Jason


The File is A Collage by Keith Farquhar Brain and Spray Can 3 . skp which we hope to collaborate on.

Next Up How to Import / Export between Sketchup and Blender