Links – a critical bibliography of my useful links


Nettle Fettucine Alfredo
Flat out the best homemade pasta I have ever seem – direct and to the point. 5 mins, delicious – nom nom nom


Artisan Videos – watch the masters and mistresses make perfection with easy


Keith Farquhar – his nudes are neo-neo-classical erotic expressionismKeith Farquhar & Craig Gibson - Bastards
The best mural of civil war (Farquhar and Craig Gibson) – from Bastards


Robert Mongomery – is a romance poet of theRobert Montgomery Fire Poem Edinburgh utopian age.
His work reminds us that everything is beautiful – and that hope is possible.
So strongly tropic is his Beautiful Truth that all the hearts are unbroken and knives bandaged.

One cannot overstate the importance of public spectacle for the human heart.Robert Montgomery The City is Wilder

Robert brings us peace and civilization, joy and light and life, and shows us how very important the light caught in the rain that falls to our eyes can be a gateway to the soul condition and the sun state.


Art Movements

Neupop is a vision of a surrealist city projected in flickering neon and uncertain brushstrokes over the early 21st century.
It was an art historical movement attempting to document the last throes of hope in a sea of spectacle detrius and cathode ray tubes.
Born of a wish for a simpler life, created from archive material located from art school skips.
Led by the eponymous Dr Neupop, created by introducing coloured ink into the Rorschach test.
Neupop I – Edinburgh Art Scene News
Neupop – PatRiots
Neupop – Collective
The movement is for now a neupop art tumblr dedicated – what remains of the art will be made into an edition of 150 boxes and catalogue raisonne of the collection for card indexing the historical record.



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