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3 Google Engineers observe consistant hyperspace between languages when dimensionality is reduced by a deep neural net

“How Google Converted Language Translation Into a Problem of Vector Space Mathematics”

“To translate one language into another, find the linear transformation that maps one to the other. Simple, say a team of Google engineers”


Machine TranslationZarjaz ! Spludig vir thrig !

Visualised using t-sne a clustering dimensionality reduction visualisation.

t-sne was developed by students of Geoffrey Hinton’s Colorado Deep Neural Net Group – indeed one of the three authors of the paper Ilya Sutskever studied with Geoffrey Hinton at Colorado and is his partner in a deep neural network startup that was bought up by google almost apon it’s inception.

All Mimsy in the Borogroves.

The full paper at arxiv :

Exploiting Similarities among Languages for Machine Translation

from Arxiv

The code & vectors (word2vec in C) that access this hyperspace for the purposes of translation has been made available by the researchers so you can explore it for yourself. I am sure that many more papers will stem from observations made from this hyper-plane of meaning.

Commented Python Version of word2vec – associated blog announcement
HNews Discussion of word2vec
Example Word2vec App – finds dissimilar word in list.
Python Wrapper & yhat R classifier web interdace for word2vec

2nd paper : Efficient Estimation of Word Representations in Vector Space – anothe google paper using word2vec vector(”King”) – vector(”Man”) + vector(”Woman”) = vector(“Queen”)

Reduction of the exceedingly large space of all possible letters to a point of view where meaning is a movement common to every language excitingly points back before babel to the Ur-language; the Platonic Forms themselves at least semanticly.

Babelfish Babel Fish from the HitchHickers Guide to the Galaxy

I believe this space is somehow derived from intuitions made about the space defined by the weights of a deep neural network for machine translation of the google corpus of all the web pages and books of humankind.

[this proved correct the vectors are the compact represention from the middle of a deep neural net]

So in a way this is a view of human language from a machine learining to translate human languages.

In other words this deep-neural-net AI is the guy who works in Searle’s Chinese Room translating things he doesn’t understand – has no soul nor realises anything yet his visual translation dictionary appears to reveal the universality of movement that is meaning common to all human languages and discoverable within human cultural output.

Is this an argument for strong AI or weak ?

I think a more biologically inspired analogy is a Corporation. A Business where many desk workers receive and process messages between themselves and the outside world. Few of the workers posses a complete overview of the decision process and those that do are hopelessly out of touch with how anything is really actually achieved. Yet each presses on through self-interest, necessity, hubris and a little alturism generated by related-genetic-self interest tropically seeking the prime directives established in the founding document and more loosly in the unwritten orally transmitted office-culture. Is a Corporation intelligent / self-aware, or even conscious ? Probably not, but it may think of itself as so and act as though it is. So I hold a corporation is to a human mind what a mind is to an individual neuron and thus ‘intelligence’ does not truly exist in any one individual, machine, procedure or rule but is apparent in the whole system just as mind exists in the human brain. But yet I think that does not account for soul and it a not unuseful model of human behaviours that we appear possessed of souls as well as minds.

Hyperbolically, reductio ad absurdum, this implies perhaps that humanity is itself a type of mind = perhaps yet more visible this noosphere now more highly connected as a peer-to-peer internet, web and cellphone connected network. Indeed the interaction of us with the biosphere has a type of mind and so forth that the universe itself is itself predictable as analagous to a thinking being. Is the hubris of this Universal ‘God’ as is our hubris to say ‘I am’ yet made of individual cells.

Paraclecus, Yeats and Benoit Mandelbrot : as above so below; And find Everything in a grain of sand; How long is a coastline depends on how closely one looks.

I would suggest this is the evolution of a machine intelligence.

Certainly looks like The hyperplane of meaning.

In other news Google Translate for Animals ;-)

“Every conscious state has this qualitative feel to it. there’s something it feels like to drink beer and its different from  listening to music or scratch your head or pick your favourite feeling … all of these states has a certain qualitative feel to them.

Now because of that they have a second feature to them namely that they are subjective. They are ontolologically subjective in the sense that they only exist insofar as they are expereienced by a human or animal” – John Serle

Kant’s Transcendantal unity of aperception is Searle’s Unity of Consciousness and perhaps the body, soul and mind are analgous.




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Why does everything end up about Aaron – was he Jesus or Jefferson ?

Blog – from portmanteau web log – => weblog => we blog => blog

Now a blog is a diary – the primary index is date-of-posting.

Folksonomies like tags and tag-clouds as well as heirarchicle categories came later.

RSS – allows blogs to syndicate – allows ‘automatic-readers to pull new articles’ into a personal newspaper. Allows news post to tell technorati and pingomatic and this coupled with blog Comments allows there to exist the Blogosphere.

Without RSS a blog post is just a web page. One creator of RSS was a 14 year old child prodigy called Aaron Schwartz. Then he died. Supposedly suicide but apart from a few anaonymous astroturfers most free thinkers believe different.

RSS ( by Aaron Schwartz who others have suggested : “Was he pretty much framed by MIT and Public Prosecutors”, “plea bargain nailed up for defeating SOPA”“at Hollywood’s or MPAA behest” ? Almost certainly untrue but well respected soothsayers may say otherwise... Did he commit suicide as a rational choice – to save his family and honour – the roman / mafia option wikipedia ( counterfacts, : classic Noir novels have suicides and car accidents as cover ups for murder and assasination ) – interesting co-incidence according to Schwatrz’s bird she got was whiplashed in a hit-and-run just before being interrogated all hopped up ‘on pain meds’ – . Truth or coincidence ?  Was there even a suicide Note ? The prosecution was 200% overzelous, 35 years or admit guilt and never vote or run for office – lose all honnour in the eyes of those you love . Have them and you watched / harassed for the rest of your life . no doubt ? But did they actually want him dead ? Did Steve Hayman or Carmen Ortiz or his mysterious ‘superiors’ (Chris DOdd & Orin Hatch ) call for this in the presence of known killers / minions – merely make their disatisfaction known ? Was Michael Corleone ever witnessed calling for Fredo’s death ? You decide ? Did Cheney have a murder squad reporting only to him ? Does Obama kill American Citizens on American soil ? )

“For instance, he [Tom Hagen] gives Frank Pentangeli, who had betrayed Michael, the “idea” of committing suicide so that Pentangeli’s family would continue to be taken care of after his death, while wistfully agreeing with Pentangeli that the Corleone Family are no longer “like the Roman Empire”.” — wikipedia

He asked for Help, but Ycombinator, Reddit, Slashdot had legions of MPAA schills calling him an attention whore and to STFU.

Meanwhile the prosecutor had put an injunction on Aaron raising money for a defense or revealing the details of his case. Secret trials, secret courts, gag orders.

As the co-founder of Reddit he had millions but had spent it all on Freedom of Information Requests to place actual copies in the Public Domain of Federal Statute’s ‘photocopying costs’ for the thousands of paywalled laws – theoretically public owned but you have pay for each copy.

Reddit seemed keen to play down Aaron’s place as a co-founder and many post were how he was ‘passionate, unruly and unstable’.

Basically the Internet he saved turned their backs on him – even as he begged for help.

As a Brit I think Aaron was Officer class, certainly nobility, genius level – was he the messiah  – the finest of the fine – the best of us ? Too good to live ?

And in movies anyway British Officers know well the “What do the right thing means”. Close door, drink last scotch, Gun to mouth and…problem solved.

Aaron was an aethist, but Jews getting martyred by the Roman Empire is an old old story.

Here is his last recorded speech – the history of how democracy was very very briefly restored to America and SOPA was defeated (N.B. it was passed in Britain under a different name).

In the end it doesn’t fscking matter – Aaron is dead & SOPA is back – Hollywood will censor the Net under the guise of stopping sharing.

Obama just announced that key points of SOPA were to be reintroduced this year ?

Did an anti-semitic Fascist Hollywood elite exile Charlie Chaplin for mocking Adolf Hitler ?

(And by Godwin’s law the end)