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Export Google SketchUp to Blender 2.6 on Ubuntu 12.04

Well it is possible but I think you need to make the models right in sketchup

So far I have imported a giant spray can and the nozzle is not where it should be and the brain is missing. As the .dae files contain Collada XML they can be examined in GEdit. Marl crufty XML – give me JSON everytime.

But the procedure works as follows :

Export Sketchup to Google World which outputs a .kmz file.

Rename this to .zip and unzip.

It will reveal various files and folders, the .dae can be imported with FILE >> import >> .dae ( collada ) in Blender


Google Sketchup running on Ubuntu 12.04 [Solved]

It turns out to be easy to get Google SketchUp the awesomely easy and intuitive 3d Modeller to work well and run under WINE in Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin – just use PlayOnLinux

Run Ubuntu Software Centre and search for playonlinux

Then Install It and then run it.

The Click Install in PlayOnLinux and search For SketchUp – install it and run it.

Open 3D files and Sketch On Up.

SketchUp 3D Ubuntu 12.04 PlayOnLinux WINE jmhz Keith and Jason


The File is A Collage by Keith Farquhar Brain and Spray Can 3 . skp which we hope to collaborate on.

Next Up How to Import / Export between Sketchup and Blender