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Why does everything end up about Aaron – was he Jesus or Jefferson ?

Blog – from portmanteau web log – => weblog => we blog => blog

Now a blog is a diary – the primary index is date-of-posting.

Folksonomies like tags and tag-clouds as well as heirarchicle categories came later.

RSS – allows blogs to syndicate – allows ‘automatic-readers to pull new articles’ into a personal newspaper. Allows news post to tell technorati and pingomatic and this coupled with blog Comments allows there to exist the Blogosphere.

Without RSS a blog post is just a web page. One creator of RSS was a 14 year old child prodigy called Aaron Schwartz. Then he died. Supposedly suicide but apart from a few anaonymous astroturfers most free thinkers believe different.

RSS ( by Aaron Schwartz who others have suggested : “Was he pretty much framed by MIT and Public Prosecutors”, “plea bargain nailed up for defeating SOPA”“at Hollywood’s or MPAA behest” ? Almost certainly untrue but well respected soothsayers may say otherwise... Did he commit suicide as a rational choice – to save his family and honour – the roman / mafia option wikipedia ( counterfacts, : classic Noir novels have suicides and car accidents as cover ups for murder and assasination ) – interesting co-incidence according to Schwatrz’s bird she got was whiplashed in a hit-and-run just before being interrogated all hopped up ‘on pain meds’ – . Truth or coincidence ?  Was there even a suicide Note ? The prosecution was 200% overzelous, 35 years or admit guilt and never vote or run for office – lose all honnour in the eyes of those you love . Have them and you watched / harassed for the rest of your life . no doubt ? But did they actually want him dead ? Did Steve Hayman or Carmen Ortiz or his mysterious ‘superiors’ (Chris DOdd & Orin Hatch ) call for this in the presence of known killers / minions – merely make their disatisfaction known ? Was Michael Corleone ever witnessed calling for Fredo’s death ? You decide ? Did Cheney have a murder squad reporting only to him ? Does Obama kill American Citizens on American soil ? )

“For instance, he [Tom Hagen] gives Frank Pentangeli, who had betrayed Michael, the “idea” of committing suicide so that Pentangeli’s family would continue to be taken care of after his death, while wistfully agreeing with Pentangeli that the Corleone Family are no longer “like the Roman Empire”.” — wikipedia

He asked for Help, but Ycombinator, Reddit, Slashdot had legions of MPAA schills calling him an attention whore and to STFU.

Meanwhile the prosecutor had put an injunction on Aaron raising money for a defense or revealing the details of his case. Secret trials, secret courts, gag orders.

As the co-founder of Reddit he had millions but had spent it all on Freedom of Information Requests to place actual copies in the Public Domain of Federal Statute’s ‘photocopying costs’ for the thousands of paywalled laws – theoretically public owned but you have pay for each copy.

Reddit seemed keen to play down Aaron’s place as a co-founder and many post were how he was ‘passionate, unruly and unstable’.

Basically the Internet he saved turned their backs on him – even as he begged for help.

As a Brit I think Aaron was Officer class, certainly nobility, genius level – was he the messiah  – the finest of the fine – the best of us ? Too good to live ?

And in movies anyway British Officers know well the “What do the right thing means”. Close door, drink last scotch, Gun to mouth and…problem solved.

Aaron was an aethist, but Jews getting martyred by the Roman Empire is an old old story.

Here is his last recorded speech – the history of how democracy was very very briefly restored to America and SOPA was defeated (N.B. it was passed in Britain under a different name).

In the end it doesn’t fscking matter – Aaron is dead & SOPA is back – Hollywood will censor the Net under the guise of stopping sharing.

Obama just announced that key points of SOPA were to be reintroduced this year ?

Did an anti-semitic Fascist Hollywood elite exile Charlie Chaplin for mocking Adolf Hitler ?

(And by Godwin’s law the end)