Still Future Edinburgh Art Show

I ( Jason Herzmark ) am currently showing woodblock prints made in collaboration with an Artificial Intelligence.

Repurposing Facial Recognition Software used to identify faces in crowds to generate images of the machines idea of us.

The machine produces images that are not quite faces but ambiguous pixel art that seemingly alters with distance as our own facial recognition moires with the tropes of the neural network.

A program helps me ink the woodblocks for the 56 impressions to produce each greyscale image in carbon ink on somerset cotton rag paper.

These prints can be seen at St Margrets House in Edinburgh from Feb 8th through 16th 10-4 in Still Future, a group show featuring the Artists :

Richard Ashrowan , John Ayscough , Martin Fowler , David Fryer , Jason Herzmark , Chad McCail , Billy McCall , Robert Montgomery & Andrew Smith

Poster for Still Future 2014 Group Show Edinburgh


This Flashing Rock Just Appeared Beside Curiosity Rover on Mars

Mars is Dynamic.


This Alien Rock  Appeared on Mars beside Earth’s Opportunity Rover on sol 3540.

Photographs sent back from sol 3541 appear to show the rock flashing in the quickly changing light over two minutes each frame is 20 seconds apart.

The Mysterious Martian Rock is not present on sol 3528 so it appears to have arrived suddenly, official theories are said to be either a meteorite event or the rover caused it.

Ubuntu Bash Readline ( Command Line ) Shell Terminal Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt+Y - cycle kill ring 
ctrl+Y - paste from ring
ctrl+k - kill after cursor
ctrl+u - kill before cursor
ctrl+a - start of line
ctrl+e - end of line
ctrl+spc - begin select
ctrl+r - reverse history search 
sudo !! - make me a sandwich
cd !$ - last argument ( i.e. ls )
alt+. - paste previous arguments
alt+f, alt+b - same as ctrl + <- or-> - move a word